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The Twitter Tale of an Illinois Power Outage

You may have seen the various Twitter reports of incidents as they've taken place, or shortly there after. The most recent, and most news worthy, is the account shortly after the US Airways plane landed safely in the Hudson River (Wall Street Journal post). A month earlier a Continental airplane slid off the runaway in Denver and the story unfolded via Mike Wilson's Twitter account. Not all events are news worthy. Nonetheless even small, localized event are chronicled on Twitter as they occur.
On Monday January 26, 2009 a power outage occurred in parts of McHenry County, IL (Northwest Herald report). Below are the tweets that chronicled this event from a few Twitter users.
Power out in what looks like the whole neighborhood. Family all downstairs preparing for zombie attack. @rbieber (Woodstock, IL) 20:31
Power is out... what the heck. @jolisouci (Capron, IL) 20:32
WOW major power outage. Parts of Woodstock, IL and Capron, IL according to @rbieber and @jolisouci. Any other reports? @frumpa (Woodstock, IL) 20:41
Power is back on. Too bad I couldn't pause this PBS special on Oppenheimer's trial! @jolisouci 20:43
@jolisouci how long was power out for you. We only lost power for a minute but sounds like @rbieber is still in the dark (know what I mean?) @frumpa 20:44
Is in hell: power is out in the whole town and Ron is entertaining the family with ifart @jonna404  (Woodstock, IL) 21:06
@frumpa your power just went out? Ours was out for about an hour, came back at 9:10 @imps (Woodstock, IL) 22:00
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