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Snow Leopard - a service pack that needs an update already

I purchased and installed the Mac OS X Snow Leopard update. I knew it wasn't going to bring a lot of new features but the reviews touted modest performance gains and a few UI gems. I installed it as a fresh install, not an upgrade, on my 18 month old Macbook Pro with 4 GB of memory. After using it for three days, I have to say I'm disappointed and think it should have been a free upgrade. I'm glad it only cost $30.

Online reviews and comments claim a noticeable increase in performance. I'm wondering if this is the infamous Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field in affect. Here's are my experiences so far:

  • I've seen more spinning beach balls (i.e. waiting for the app or OS) in the last 3 days than I have in the last 3 months, especially with Safari 4. Firefox 3.5 has been running fine, without a visit by the spinning beach ball.
  • iMovie is also slow. Trying to edit video clips is painful because it pauses for 2-3 seconds.
  • Mail.app crashed for the first time in a year, if not longer. I've had it lock up occasionally under Leopard, but it only took 1 day for it to crash with an error message in Snow Leopard. This may have to do with the Microsoft Exchange email that I added today, which is a new feature so I can understand this one.

I'm anxiously awaiting the 10.6.1 update. I will not be installing Snow Leopard on my iMac until 10.6.1 comes out and proves itself worthy on my Macbook Pro... unless I revert back to Leopard that is.

~ Posted by Al