Al Degutis

I am an analytical, diplomatic business professional with a variety of technical skills that help provide insight into systems and processes. I am able to quickly understand and adapt to new technologies, assessing their usefulness, coupled with the ability to explain them to others at various technical levels. I excel at troubleshooting, with an instinctive and innate ability to find the root cause of system issues. As a team player, I learn and leverage people’s strengths with a demonstrated history of utilizing systems and teams to effectively complete projects.

I have a passion for automation and specialize in PowerShell. In addition to leveraging PowerShell to administer systems and manage data centers, I enjoy developing custom dashboards to provide efficient and effective system overviews.

Automate the mundain and focus on the complex


This page's banner is a static image showing some of the elements of a SaaS Dashboard I have created using PowerShell to gather metrics and a SQL database to store the data. PowerShell is used to read the data and create an HTML page with the Dashboard graphics and elements which are updated every minute.

Snapshot summary of 500+ computers during a corporate conference.

Here are some hourly summary grids showing CPU, RAM and Disk activity.

Heatmap Example

While the Dashboard give a easy to view summary of many systems, the Heatmap provides the drill-down details.